Intv Prime is all about developing and sharing new tools and games for fans of the Mattel Intellivision© classic game console.


The Minstrel’s Legend is in development!

The MInstrel's Legend is an RPG for the Mattel Intellivision.


The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, September 2017

Fall Development of the Promotional ROM After the summer hiatus (and not just including vacation time), we are speeding up ...
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The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, May 2017

Development of the Promotional ROM continues ROM is not yet complete, slowed a bit due to some external issues. Bootable ...
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The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, April 2017

Development of the Promotional ROM We are developing an Intellivision .ROM file, containing more information about the game, navigating through ...
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The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, March 2017

Music Scores by 01craft! Thanks to the musical creative muscle at 01craft, "The Minstrel's Legend" will contain all-new songs at ...
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Happy New Year 2017!

We at Intv Prime WHQ wish you and yours a very happy 2017! https://youtu.be/8vmiLaugHoA We're looking forward to seeing a ...
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The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, December 2016

Graphics refinement is ongoing. Promotional ROM is in the works! We're working through issues with in-game graphics and art, as ...
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IntyBASIC Showcase is Now Available

Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, a giant in the Intellivision programming community and a five-time winner of the International Obfuscated C Code ...
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The Minstrel’s Legend Backstory

From the Quill of Idrac, 3rd Scribe, Year 1175, Ano Urrbis. Xcitticx has been imprisoned! Let us celebrate! The demon’s ...
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Press Release for “The Minstrel’s Legend” RPG for Intellivision©

Design of a new Intellivision© RPG game is underway. Check out the press release for "The Minstrel's Legend"! ...
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Intv Prime is a small group of people with a love of classic videogaming. We are the very image of an independent retro console programming team: fun and innovation come first! We are as passionate about creating authentic software for the Intellivision in the 21st century as we were in the 1980s when we played great games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and Sea Battle as little kids. We appreciate gaming on the TurboGrafx, Apple II, Saturn, and Dreamcast as well, but the world’s first commercial 16-bit game system is first in our hearts!

We are happy to be organized enough to produce fun games for those that want to enjoy classic gameplay and use some imagination. We are here for the fun and maybe a little bit of fame. Our first and future game releases will be charityware; Intv Prime would rather make people happy on the “front end” while helping people that could put the money to better use than we could.

Please accept our thanks for your support for our projects and software!

Keep an eye on this space – let’s have fun!



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