About Intv Prime

It began around 1979…. Our parents thought that “the computer thing might be big one day”, and they wanted their kids to learn about them. The computers of the day weren’t great for kids to pick up and use, but a close neighbor told them about the Intellivision© game console – something that could be a game system and later be expanded to a full computer. They went for the promise, and by Christmas of 1980, we had a new console and

Space Battle!

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Of course, we were hooked! My brother and I got games for Christmas, birthdays, etc. We traded with a few other neighborhood kids that had the same system as well. Friends with Atari 2600 consoles of course were always coming over the house to play, especially after we got B-17 Bomber. Even when we switched to the Apple II for “real computing” in 1981 (since my parents got tired of waiting for the Keyboard Component), the Intellivision© continued to have a place in our game-playing routine.

Fast forward to 2017… Trail blazing development on the Intellivision© continues, it seems like a lot of us still want to have the kind of fun we did when we were kids.

The goal of Intv Prime is to contribute to the world of “blocky-graphics-but-fun-gameplay”, putting out original titles, and sharing tools and techniques to make them with anyone else that is interested in doing the same.

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