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Thanks for clicking the URL in our Twitter profile. If you are new to the Mattel Intellivision© – and many people are, even after all these years – you might want to check out the website of the Blue Sky Rangers, Old Computers Museum, or the Intellivisionaries Podcast.


We are the authors of an RPG-style game for the Mattel Intellivision©, entitled “The Minstrel’s Legend”. The game pays homage to the sword-and-sorcery games of the 1980’s that were extremely popular, but missed this console due to resource constraints of the day. “The Minstrel’s Legend” will be released as charityware: all game sale profits will be donated to the American Cancer Society. This is an indirect fundraiser for something everyone can agree on – fighting cancer.

  • We intend to market to people that had an Intellivision© (maybe still have it in the attic) and want to donate to acquire a new game.
  • We intend to market to people that remember the 80’s and want a throwback conversation piece for their shelf.
  • We intend to market to people that just want to donate to a great cause in a different & funky way.
  • We intend to market to retro game collectors and completists.


We have several other game ideas in the works, all new and different from anything seen on the Intellivision©, or any other retro console. If people want to continue the “Retro Renaissance” by playing games, we’ll keep making games. 😊



Our slogan is “Fun and Innovation for the Intelligent Video Gamer” and we mean it: try our Intellivision© games, try those of others, and even pick up some of our shared tools to make your own. 8/16-bit fun is what it’s all about!


Biography – Steve Craft, CEO & President of Intv Prime


I am a Cloud Solution Architect in Microsoft. I have worked in information technology-related fields for 30 years (counting side-jobs as a kid). Within Microsoft, I help select customers accelerate their hybrid and pure-cloud adoption by developing reference designs, creating workshops, and leading infrastructure/platform/service projects based on Microsoft Azure. I can attribute my trajectory to my parent’s decision to get an Intellivision© (and they were not tech people at all), because from there I got into programming and computing and software development and now cloud platforms. Although I love to work at the edge of technology, I also get a lot of pleasure from working within real constraints – 1k of RAM, 16 colors on a limited-resolution screen, 3 tone channels for audio – working on small systems is like playing chess, with no room for error.


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