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The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, September 2017

    Fall Development of the Promotional ROM After the summer hiatus (and not just including vacation time), we are speeding up development of the promotional ROM. We hope that your ears will be impressed with the result! We are shooting for October to release the ROM, playable on a real Intellivision© with an LTO […]

The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, April 2017

    Development of the Promotional ROM We are developing an Intellivision .ROM file, containing more information about the game, navigating through the world and some of what players can expect. It is not playable, but does show how a lot more about the game. The audio is taking a bit longer than expected, so […]

The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, March 2017

    Music Scores by 01craft! Thanks to the musical creative muscle at 01craft, “The Minstrel’s Legend” will contain all-new songs at every major point in the game. The final object/puzzle is to assemble 3 pieces of parchment to make a song, which is plenty of music, but we are happy to announce that all […]

Happy New Year 2017!

We at Intv Prime WHQ wish you and yours a very happy 2017! We’re looking forward to seeing a lot of game activity for the Intellivision©, and will contribute ourselves with a release of charityware for cancer research, The Minstrel’s Legend! We are excited for what this year will bring, and we hope that you […]

The Minstrel’s Legend – Checkpoint, December 2016

    Graphics refinement is ongoing. Promotional ROM is in the works! We’re working through issues with in-game graphics and art, as well as a new “build pipeline” for getting those graphics injected into the game code properly. We expect to have more time later this month to make the promotional .ROM available for Intellivision […]

IntyBASIC Showcase is Now Available

Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez, a giant in the Intellivision programming community and a five-time winner of the International Obfuscated C Code Contest, had some personal/family difficulties lately. A great set of folks in the independent Intv community came together and just released IntyBASIC Showcase Vol. 1, a set of great titles that use the language he […]

The Minstrel’s Legend Backstory

    From the Quill of Idrac, 3rd Scribe, Year 1175, Ano Urrbis. Xcitticx has been imprisoned! Let us celebrate! The demon’s hordes have been defeated by the king’s forces on both continents. The king allied the armies of Lower Sund to battle Zxcitticx ’s summoned evils. Six campaigns were fought to stalemate,and six more […]