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Things that are happening around the world, first pertaining to the Intellivision©, second to the extended retrogaming family.


Intellivisionaries Episode 2 Text Transcript!An4PjBo4DvVxgSGvDFA7rsJUjTfb
A component of Azure Media Services was used to evaluate the mp3 recording of Intellivisionaries Episode #2 and transcribe the text. The results are a bit rough, but for completely untrained Machine Learning, they’re not bad, the text is searchable.
This is a test, we will do some tweaking and work with the owners of the podcast to understand if they want their podcasts converted to text, but we wanted to show what was possible.


IntyBASIC Showcase Vol 1 Release

3 fantastically fun games on one cartridge
Unique overlays for each game
Excellent, multi-page manual
Full professionally designed cover art and offset printed box


Finding George!

Twitter Moments: Finding George

After hearing so much from George of the Intellivisionaries, we decided to track him down and challenge him to multiple games. He eluded us this time, but we won’t give up!


The LTO Flash Multicart is here

Enough capacity to hold the entire Intellivision game library several times over!
Load up your LTO Flash! with all your games, and carry them all with you on just one cart!

Portland Retrogaming Expo in October 2016
PGRE is one of the most popular spots for classic video games, and several announcements and releases for the Intellivison© are expected!


Interview with Óscar Toledo Gutiérrez
An interview with a genius in the world of efficient programming, this Mexican software developer discusses his contributions to Intellivision© development.


Intellivision Flashback I Review and Unboxing

Looking to play yourself some Astrosmash or relive your glory days in B-17 Bomber? The Intellivision Flashback may be the system for you! Or maybe not. Find out in this review!


Utopia Revealed!
Reverse engineering of the first “Sim” game for any game platform, ever. Joe Zbiciak figured out how it works, and he shares in Atari Age posts.